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9 thoughts on “ The Savage - Hawaiian Astro Boys - The Hawaiian Astro Boys (CD, Album)

  1. Mar 18,  · Hawaiian Savages to Get Special Rights From Obama - , AM THIS story only highlights the moral depravity of the Democrats. I am outraged (as Jesus is) at the prospect of Barack Hussein Obama turning the prime real estate only American island with White people on it over to a flock of brown-skinned savages.
  2. The selections included are a well though out mix of traditional and contemporary pieces that create a island mood and snapshot of what the Hawaiian past might have been. Each and everytime I play this CD, I am instantly transported into a island mindset, where relaxation and tranquility abound/5(19).
  3. The world “paniolo” allegedly comes from the Hawaiian version of the word “español,” as the Hawaiian language doesn’t use the “s” sound. A cross between Mexican and Hawaiian cultures, the paniolo had a key role in society: providing a large source of income and trade for the islands.
  4. Singer presents Hawaii-Ho! "Hawaii-Ho!" () is a non-stop, never ending trip to the groovy side of Hawai‘i. The first color TV special produced entirely on location in Hawai‘i and the first network television appearance of legendary entertainer Don Ho, "Hawaii-Ho!" reveals and explores the beauty, the hula, and the happiness that was.
  5. Hawaiian monk seals live in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. These small islands and atolls are either uninhabited or little-used by humans. They are also surrounded with teeming coral reefs, which serve as great foraging grounds for skilled seals to swim .
  6. “The Hawaiian steel guitar is a very important part of Hawaiian music, culture and tourism,” says Akaka. “It’s part of the allure that brings people to Hawaii.
  7. "Hawaiian Son" was a close collaboration with Kamae, 77, a reigning ukulele virtuoso, singer, composer and beloved figure in the Hawaiian cultural renaissance that flowered in the islands more.

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